Monday, 10 August 2015

US Open Tennis 2015 Prize Money

2015 Us Open Tennis tournament earns a place in the history with a record for the Single Winners that will get a whopping $3.3m. Prize Money for Us Open Tennis in 2015 will surpass $40m for the first time as the United States Tennis Association has announced another 10.5% increase in the total prize money pool which will now reach $42.35 million where winners of both mens and women singles event will pocket as much as $3.3 million a piece.

Overall, US Open prize money has increased by 67 percent over the last three years, with more to come in the future.

US Tennis Association also announced that by 2017 the total prize money pool of US open will reach massive $50 million which means other grand slams like Australian Open and French Open will be under pressure to increase their own prize money and now it looks like a wage race between the top 4 grand slams.

Here is a look at the round-by-round individual prize money for the 2015 US Open:


Winner: $3,300,000  
Runner-Up: $1,600,000   
Semifinalist: $805,000  
Quarterfinalist: $410,975 
Round of 16: $213,575   
Round of 32:  $120,200
Round of 64:    $68,600   
Round of 128: $39,500

Doubles (each team):
Winners: $570,000  
Runners-Up:  $275,000   
Semifinalists:  $133,150  
Quarterfinalists:  $67,675
Round of 16:  $35,025
Round of 32:  $21,700
Round of 64:    $14,200  

The 2015 US Open is scheduled to run Monday, Aug. 31, through Sunday, Sept. 13, with the US Open Qualifying Tournament beginning on Aug. 25.

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